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Dry Eyes

Do you have issues with dry eyes? Do you they constantly feel dry and stiff? At Capital Vision, we offer a complete and comprehensive dry eye clinic. Dr. Kotecha has a wide array of treatments for dry eyes, and her patients have achieved great results. The treatments offered include

  • Topical lubricating drops and ointments

  • Good eyelid hygiene or special eye cleaning wipes

  • Anti-inflammatory or steroid drops

  • Restasis (cyclosporine)

  • Prescription allergy eye drops

  • Punctal occlusion (this may be temporary or permanent and may be done via punctal plugs or cautery)

  • Nutritional supplements such as omega-3 oils

  • Environmental modifications

  • Correction of structural eyelid problems

  • Prokera: amniotic membrane tissue used to treat severe dry eyes

  • Serum tears - a natural and innovative way to treat many dry eye patients.

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