6 Smart Things a College Student (and the rest of us) Should Do For Our Eyes!

October 15, 2014

These things may seem simple, but if you know a teenager or college student, you might want to share this list of important things that they can start doing now to protect their eyes.


1. Do NOT shower or swim with contact lenses!

This can cause harmful ulcers and fungal infections such as Acanthameoba


2.Go Outside.  A recent study shows that students can protect there vision from worsening by spending more time outside.


3.  Wash your hands.  This will greatly reduce the spread of pink eye or conjunctivitis.


4.  Give your eyes a break.  Tired eyes get dry and red, and are also prone to more infections.


5.  Don't share eye makeup.  this can spread infections such as herpes keratitis


6.  Protect your eyes when playing sports.  Many serious injuries can be easily prevented with protective eyewear.



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