It's Almost Back to School Time. It's Very Important to Get Your Child's Eyes Checked. Reasons why

August 6, 2015

I can't believe that summer is passing us by.

Soon the kids will be back in school.

As parents we all want our kids to be healthy and succeed.

There are several reasons why it is very important to get your child's eyes checked.

One of the most important is to prevent amblyopia or lazy eye.  This problem is very treatable in childhood but can lead to very poor and untreatable loss of vision as an adult if not addressed early on.  The other reasons are so that  our children can see well and perform well in school without any  hindrances and without headaches.


I receive many questions regarding amblyopia and often see patients who should have been treated earlier.  Thus, I have attached some educational info about it below:


Lazy eye, or amblyopia, is the loss or lack of development of central vision in one eye that is unrelated to any eye health problem and is not correctable with lenses. It can result from a failure to use both eyes together. Lazy eye is often associated with crossed-eyes or a large difference in the degree of nearsightedness or farsightedness between the two eyes. It usually develops before the age of 6, and it does not affect side vision.

Symptoms may include noticeably favoring one eye or a tendency to bump into objects on one side. Symptoms are not always obvious.

Treatment for lazy eye may include a combination of prescription lenses, prisms, vision therapy and eye patching. Vision therapy teaches the two eyes how to work together, which helps prevent lazy eye from reoccurring.

Early diagnosis increases the chance for a complete recovery. This is one reason why the American Acadamy of Ophthalmology recommends that children have a comprehensive optometric examination by the age of 6 months and again at age 3. Lazy eye will not go away on its own. If not diagnosed until the pre-teen, teen or adult years, treatment takes longer and is often less effective.

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