Reasons to Wear Sunglasses (Sunscreen for Your Eyes :)

July 30, 2016

Summer is here!  My favorite season of the year :).  It is hot outside and I would like to revisit how important it is to wear eyewear with UV protection for good eye health.  Protection goes a long way!


1.  Protect yourself against skin cancer around the eyes. 

2.  Protect yourself against cataracts .  Prolonged exposure to UV radiation may speed up cataract progression  

3.  Protect yourself agains macular degeneration.  Certain types of UV radiation may cause progression of AMD.  

4.  Protect yourself agains growths on the eye known as pterygia. 

5.  Protect your eyes against the elements such as wind, dust, and snow.

6.  They look stylish !

7.  Some glasses such as polarized ones will help reduce glare and eye strain.  

8.  They may help reduce eye strain which then may reduce headaches and migraines.  



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