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Eyelid Surgeries


Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery to improve droopy eyelids and sagging skin that can interfere with your vision and mnake you look older and tired.  It can make you look more refreshed.  Blepharoplasty can help you relax your forehead muscles that tense and form furrows because they are working hard to lift sagging lids.  


The upper lid surgery is a simple outpatient procedure.  Dr Kotecha will first mark athe individual lines and creases of your eyeslid in order to minimize scars and keep themn as invisible as possible along your natural folds.  The incision is made and excess fat is removed followed by loose nskin.  Dr Kotecha then uses very fine sutures to carefully reappose the skin.  


Immediately after surgery you will use an ointment to prevent dryness and assist in healing.  A certain degree of swelling or buising may be normal.  Cool compresses are recommneded to assist in healing and comfort.  


Sutures will be removed about 5 days post surgery or may be dissolvable.


Eyelid sugery can dramatically improve vision and signs of premature aging.  By changing how your eyes look you can also improve the way you feel about yourself.


Insurance does not cover surgery for cosmetic reasons, but may cover blepharoplasty when done because the eyelids are interfering with vision.


Dr Kotecha is highly skilled in the anotomy of the eyes and eyelids.  She is experienced in microscopic surgery and dealing with any possible although rare complications of eyelid surgeries.

Ectropion and Entropion Repair

Dr Kotecha performs surgeries to correct ectropion.  This is when the lower lid is loose and often saggy.  It will often turn outwards exposing some of the inner pink conjunctiva of the lower eyelid.  The eye may be dry or teary and irritated.


She also performs surgeries to repair lower lid entropion.  This is when the lower eyelid is loose and turns in.  The eyelashes may rub against he eyelid and irritation often occurs.

Capital Vision Eyelid Surgery
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