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Dr. Kotecha is a Board Certified ophthalmologist with over 10 years of practical experience; She is a surgeon and clinician Dr, Amy Kotecha, MD provides expert review and testimony for medical malpractice claims related to all fields of ophthalmology including but not limited to ocular trauma, glaucoma, retina, cataracts, corneal procedures (including Lasik and pterygium surgeries), and oculoplastics.​ Dr. Kotecha understands the time sensitive nature of these legal cases and works closely with the attorney to assist in reviewing records promptly. Dr. Kotecha is available by phone, email, or video conference. She provides professional help in preparation for depositions, litigation support, expert witness testimony for Plaintiff & Defense. Available by phone, email, or video conference, Dr. Kotecha provides professional help in preparation for depositions, litigation support, Expert witness testimony for Plaintiff & Defense, Dr. Kotecha also advises companies seeking advice about the practice and management of ophthalmology. Email me at :

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