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Thank you to all of our wonderful patients for these 5 star positive Google reviews :)

Bella Whitten

1 review 9 months ago Amazing!! Dr Kotecha is the best!! She did my Lasik 2 weeks ago and I see better than I ever have! I only wish I did it sooner. Dr K has been my doctor for years. She is very knowledgable and has always been there for me through my …More

Reply3Pete Tain 3 reviews 2 months ago I just had a great visit to see Dr. Kotecha. I really appreciate how she took the time to explain in details about my aging eyes and how to care for it. It is such a huge difference between eye doctors. She has a great team there because I walked out knowing I would come back without hesitation. I hate doctor visits but, this one was easy. Hopefully, having my glasses made elsewhere will be just as simple. Guys, I recommend Capital Vision. -Pete ReplyLikeMarybeth Majka 1 review 3 months ago I have been going to Dr. Kotecha for several years and think she is great. She is very caring and thorough. I have annual checkups with testing, and she also did surgery on my eyelids. She did a fantastic job; it all turned out perfect. I highly recommend her and her staff. 1Response from the owner3 months ago Ms Majka. Thank you for being our patient and for your positive review ! EditDelete Ahmad Sahraravand 5 reviews 2 months ago I had a great experience during the time I visited at Dr. Kotecha’s office. The Dr. is very professional, confident, and quick in making decisions. Dr. Kotecha has a strong time management, and the workflow is smooth. The Dr. is very pleasant and always enters the room with a shiny greeting that makes you relaxed and happy. The Dr. takes good care not only of their clients but also of their staff. This has obviously reflected positively on their staff: when you enter the office you feel very welcomed with friendly and happy faces of the assistants. The technicians are polite, friendly, do their job routinely, and they support each other when their colleague needs their help. I highly recommend treatment of your eyes with the skilled care of Dr. Kotecha! ReplyLikeVasanth Lakshmipathy 1 review 3 weeks agoNEW Dr. Kotecha is easily one of the kindest and most knowledgeable doctors I've ever met. She really takes her time to listen to your concerns, and her bedside manner is impeccable. Her staff are all really well-trained and polite too - could not recommend her office more!

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